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Getting belly fat? Now get rid of it without exercises just follow these steps

Dairy foods:

 Eating yogurt, cheese and drinking milk helps your stomach stop storing fat. According to a study, if you eat three cups of yogurt a day for 12 weeks, you can lose more weight than one would on calcium pills and reduced calories. Fat cells manufacture their own cortisol which stimulates the development of more stomach fat, but yogurt hinders this development. These dairy foods also contain linoleic acid which gets rid of belly fat.


Drink as much water as you can

 If you drink two cups of water before a meal, you can lose about 7 kg in 12 weeks. It is not about the liquid, but rather about the plain water. Avoid drinking sugary drinks like cola and drink instead plain water to save yourself from 270 calories daily. It helps to keep hydrated as this prevents you from overeating. By drinking water adequately, you keep your internal organs in good working order. It also aids in flushing out toxins and transports food to the different parts of the body.

Oh yes, the best part in it is that sleeping well helps to lose fat belly:


“People who sleep for 6 hours gain 2kg more than those who sleep 8 hours” this is what researchers have found. They also proved that women who sleep and wake at the same time each day do not have as much extra belly fat as others. A lack of sleep stimulates appetite and suppresses the feeling of fullness in the stomach. Your body begins to secrete cortisol and other hormones that deal in fat storage. Make your life easier, sleep well.

Stop taking sugar:


You should stop taking sugar not only to reduce your weight, but also for many other health issues. You can manage to provide your body with sugar when taking on vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. You can help yourself reduce your belly fat by adding cinnamon powder or oatmeal on your coffee or tea and watch it stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Be careful you have to stick to the steps mentioned above in order to fight your belly fat.

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