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Glaring looks of Ahlam

The Emirati singer from UAE, AHLAM never ceases to impress the audience with her extra- ordinary looks. It seems she is really fond of fashion and make-up. She appears every time with an exceptionally amazing new look.


Short, pink lips and smoky eys…Ahlam looks superlative! This hairdo makes her look younger than her actual age. She pays careful attention to costumes and accessories as well.


Shimmer and shine all over! This is Ahlam’s signature. She always appears in bright and glaring attire. Curly short hairdo and dark lipstick shade completely suits her.


On a different road this time, long straight hair with a pink gown…seems grand. But she doesn’t move away from her numerous accessories.


Red lipstick and intense eyes along with this glimmer dress looks dazzling. With such glaring looks she wins hearts of millions of people.


No shimmer or sequins this time, yet beautiful. Slightly longish loose curls and heavy eye make- up…adding an element of prettiness once again.

Shine, she just can’t do without it. This remarkable pink gown with sequin and stone work appears matchless. Heavy neck piece and earring accompany her attire as usual.


REGAL is the appropriate word for this attire. Fluffy hairdo, a deviation from her curls! White royal outfit accompanied with long and heavy neck piece with pearls adds grandeur to her appearance.


Her love for sequins is inevitable. She might deviate a little sometimes, but comes back to it. Red lipstick and blackish eye shadow…again her favourite. These curls actually suit her. So she avoids experimenting with them.

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