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Glitter Henna Trend for Wedding Season

Wedding are all about the ravishing outfits, sparkling jewellery, glossy makeup and everything full of shimmer. So why not the bride’s henna? This henna trend adds a touch of glitter to bride’s henna too. The best part about this henna is that you can add as amny colours as you want to your henna.



Although the traditional kind of henna also looks fabulous, this adding of glitter is a modern twist to it. Many henna came and just went like UV henna designs, white henna patterns etc because they were all impractical and weird to some extent. But this new one is gorgeous and innovative. Moreover it goes well with the whole stunning wedding things and customs.

There are ways of getting glitter henna on your pretty hands-

  • Sparkle Dust

This is probably the simplest way of making your henna glittery and appealing. You can just dust some sparkle over the top of your traditional henna. It will automatically fuse with the colour of henna.

  • Body Paint

This is a way where you can simply use body paint which is waterproof instead of henna. You can get you desired designs using body paint.

  • Adding glitter to henna

The third method is to mix some glitter with henna before making the mixture. This will make a very balanced paste which can be applied to hands.

Now your henna can be all blingy and shimmery just like your outfit and jewellery. People would not be able to stop looking at you and your groom is going to fall for you all over again!





PS- Pick the glitter carefully which does not harm your skin.





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