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Glitter Strobing Trend

In this Holiday season we all like to be glittery, cheerful and sparkling. After glitter lips, glitter in hair, glitter eyes…here is the glitter strobing trend which is all over the internet especially Instagram.

This trend is just perfect of this crazy party season where you can shine and rock with glitter and sparkly on you. With shimmery outfits, glossy accessories, it becomes important that you pay equal attention to your makeup.

 How to do it

It is a very simple technique. Your basic routine strobing is to be topped off with some glitter on your brow bones and cheekbones. This intensifies your face and makes you party ready within a few minutes. To set your glitter in place for long hours you must use makeup fixing spray. Or another thing that can be done is to mix some makeup gel into glitter so that its consistency becomes a little sticky.





This is probably the best way to highlight nowadays!

It depends upon you whether you want just a shimmery illuminator or the one with bit larger glitter particles. You can pick the glitter shade depending upon your skin tone and your outfit. Picking the size of the glitter and the colour is completely your choice. For those who want to stay neutral can go small glitter size in sliver colour because this will go with all your attires.




This is a way to make other girls jealous of you and you can stand out of the boring crowd. So ladies…keep going, keep experimenting and keep rocking.

Thank you

Love you all



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