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Hacks to make your waxing last longer

We all go through the pain of waxing in every few days. We always wish that this could be put to an end. But there are a few hacks that can make your waxing last longer and you can delay the painful experience for some time.



Regular exfoliation helps to remove your dead skin cells and takes good care of the ingrown hair. Also, this helps in removing short and fine hair at the time of waxing.

No shaving in between


Shaving sounds a very convenient option but you should never opt for it in between your waxing sessions. Even if you want to shave, keep at leat a 2 weeks gap between shaving and waxing.



Moisturizing post waxing and on a daily basis is essential. Post waxing you can go for aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. It will keep your skin intact and hydrated which makes it easier to remove each and every hair during waxing and it lasts longer than usual.

Have patience

Worried Woman Circling Date On Calendar

It is very important that when you go for waxing, your hair is fully grown. It gives a better grip to wax. It helps in removing hair from roots instead of causing breakage.

Go for professionals


Doing waxing at home is economical without any doubt but it is advisable that you go to professional for getting it done. They are experienced and know the right techniques to remove hair from roots.

Hair Inhibiting Products


You can invest in hair inhabiting creams which slow down the re-growth of hair after waxing. It will be good if you go for organic products so that they do not damage your skin. Using it will help you enjoy hair free skin for a longer period of time than usual.

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