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Halloween Make- up

Halloween is the time when you gonna be literally dramatic. You gotta apply all your creative senses and your experiences from horror and scariest of movies. You have to bring together the most terrible of the horror characters.

But please Ladies… Don’t just think about looking pretty. It is all about looking dreadful and frightening. You have to choose your look carefully. Along with perfect clothing, makeup is the most essential. Here are some tips about scary Halloween makeup.

The White Base

For whatever looking you are opting, Zombie, Dracula, Harley Quinn etc, the base of your makeup gotta be really light or even white. Any foundation with white tone will do the task for you. You might have to apply a few coats to get the best look. If you wanna make your eyebrows look more scary, use lip liner of your desired colour.



Eye Makeup

Eye makeup should be extra-ordinarily good. Whichever look you want, just focus on the eyes. Even if don’t want to overdo it, just make your eyes scary. The essential products that will help are Black eye liner, black or other dark shade eye shadows and fake eyelashes. Use eye shadow below the eyes also with a smudge to have a zombie look. You can even draw spider web or other detailing with pen-tip liner.




Go for the darkest possible shades…even black. Plum, purple, black and red will be the best choices. If you wanna make your eyebrows look scarier, use lip liner of your desired colour.   These will not only make you look scary but also sexy and foxy.



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