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Hats are Essential to be Fashionable

Is it your bad hair day? We all know the trick, just match your hat with today’s look.  According to Dove, “One in three women have started a bad hair day over by washing it again.”

Baseball Cap

Wearing backward baseball cap with leather jacket and funky jeans just makes you look perfect. It also looks good with straight hair. The leather version of baseball gives ultimate coolness.


Flower hat

A matching flower hat can make a classy fashion statement. The huge flower hats with pink or yellow flower gives you a nice classical look. If you have same flower printed dress with it, then it looks just perfect.


Patterned beret

A patterned beret looks very nice with belted dress. It gives a lil serious non funky look, which make you very dynamic. The berets always remain in fashion…just go ahead and make a statement. On a good cloudy day a non patterned version is must.


Bedazzled newsboy cap

If you are a huge accessory fan then this one is suit you better. Just be lil low on other accessories, and then it will be just perfect.


Matching fedora

If you want to come out of the box sometimes then wear a matching fedora with your suit, the best colors could be blue, aqua blue, black etc etc. They give a lil sophisticated touch, the best thing to wear while travelling.5

Loose-at-the-top beanie

The loose-at-the-top beanie is very trendy nowadays. They give a good funky look. The best partner of your loose-at-the-top beanie is a skinny jean. The plus point is they keep you warm too.


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