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Healthy Soul Food

Soul food has always been considered anti-diet food. But soul food is back with a healthy touch. This will help you to keep fit and healthy. This soul food is now totally health conscious.

These low fat and low calorie southern dishes will help you to cut on fat. You can keep the flavour and yet cut on calories. These traditional African American dishes are here with a little twist. These are not like traditional recipes which are high in calories, fat and cholesterol. This healthy soul food puts emphasis on fresh ingredients and low-fat or no-fat ways to prepare such dishes as Mixed Greens, Red Beans and Rice, non-fried Chicken, and Mississippi Mud Cake.

Look at some tips for making this healthy food.

  • Baked not fried: This healthy soul food involves baking of foods like chicken. Or only a very small amount of oil is used to coat the pan


  • Seared: Foods like crab cakes are slightly seared in ordered to please your taste buds and to keep you healthy.

  • Soups: Not only hot soups but even chilled soups too are a part of this soul food which involve least amount of calories.

  • Stir fry: If you can adjust to some calories, you can stir fry pork, chicken, beans or lettuce.


  • Barbequed: Barbeque forms a great part of this cuisine. Foods like barbequed shrimps will be actually healthy.


  • Leafy vegetable: We all know how good green vegetables are for our health. This soul food involves lot of such vegetables with a good taste.

A baked pork chop with rice and carrots

So, just try them and enjoy a healthy and fit life!

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