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Honey can make you even more beautiful

Honey is not just another kitchen ingredient that you eat or use in cooking. It has magical and miraculous properties for beautifying your skin, nails and hair. Here are amazing benefits and uses of honey that you probably didn’t know.



With its antioxidant properties, it keeps your skin cleansed as well as hydrated. It can remove the dead skin cells. A mixture of honey with baking soda should be used in order to exfoliate the skin.



The antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey can work wonder in removing acne. You just have to dab raw honey on the area affected by acne.

Moisturizer for cuticles


You dry and cracked cuticles can be healed with honey. You would need to make a mixture of honey, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Applying this on cuticles will keep the cuticles soft and moist.

Hair conditioner


For keeping your hair nourished, you need to apply an amalgamation of honey with coconut oil on your scalp. Massage thoroughly and let it sit for around half an hour. Then rinse well.

   Treatment for sunburn



Honey is actually effective in restoring hydration into skin. If you mix one part honey with two parts aloe vera gel, it will heal your sunburn fast.

   Mask for glowing skin


There are a number of masks that you can prepare by using honey as a major ingredient. You can make mask of honey with turmeric and gram flour. Also, mask of honey with milk cream and gram flour is effective for moisturizing the skin. For oily skin you can add lemon to honey mask for even better results.

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