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How to Choose Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Cut

Sunglasses serves many purposes, mostly they protect our eyes from UV rays and pollution. They are also became the symbol of style and status. But you should always pick sunglasses depending upon your face shape. Here are suggestions regarding which glasses to choose.

Heart Shaped Face

If you have a heart shape face, that is wider forehead, narrower jaw line and high cheekbone, then you must try cat eye. Cat eyes will look extremely great on you. And congratulations you share your facial features with Scarlett Johansson.


Round Shaped Face

These types of faces have narrow jaw line and full cheekbones. This gives it a sweetly spherical touch. This type of face has soft and curvy edges. For this type of face you should avoid disc shaped lenses otherwise you will end up emphasizing your roundness. Choose something which is edgy upwards that will suit your face. See the pic of Kristen Dunst.


Square Shaped Face


This type of face has strong jaws, wide forehead and wide cheekbones. To soften this wideness, you should try rounded glasses. Butterfly, circular or aviator style sunglasses will be the best choice for you. Try thin frames rather than the bulky ones.

Oval Shaped Face


If you this type that means you have longer and less wide face.  It also includes a narrow jaw line and forehead. Frankly speaking, this type of face is the best suitable for sunglasses. You can pull off anything round, square or oversized lenses just keep in mind Frames should not be wider than the face’s broadest point.

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