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How to deal with hair thinning problem

Whenever the season and weather changes this is a problem that most of the women face. It becomes a huge hindrance in your way of hair styling. It can actually turn into an even bigger problem in the near future. So it is important that you pay attention to it immediately. Here are some tips that will help you to deal with this issue.

Impact of food


Just like your body, your hair also needs protein, zinc, iron and Vitamin B12. You can provide these to your hair through green leafy vegetables, fish, beans and lots of nuts.



CPJD79 Stressed woman in office

Stress can actually be the root cause of this problem. Constant pressure not only affects your mental health but your hair too. It directly affects the growth of your hair. Meditation can be a good solution to this.

The way you style


Curling irons, hair straighteners etc are obviously nice when you want your hair to look pretty. These can be harmful in the long run for growth and texture of your hair. Minimizing use of these heating devices will be great.

Hair massage


Massaging your hair with correct oils on regular basis will be literally helpful. Also, while taking a shower, massage your scalp thoroughly this will increase the blood flow to scalp, resulting in better hair texture and growth

Vitamin supplements


When you face hair thinning and hair loss, it means that you lack certain vitamins which are essential for your hair health. To deal with this problem fast, you should consult your doctor and take some supplements like for Vitamin B12.

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