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How to Disguise Hair Thinning?

Hair thinning is a very common problem and it really makes your heart break. The thickening process is certainly time taking so it is good that you learn some techniques or rather tricks to disguise thin hair.

Style it the right way


The way you carry and style it is actually very important. Make sure that you do not over dry your hair because that will make them fall flat. Moreover try some hair dos which make your hair voluminous like using pin curls and hot rollers.

Cut it short


This is also a very easy and effective way. Cutting down your hair short will give an illusion of thick hair. This might hurt your emotions a bit it will definitely work

Try Ombre


Try an ombre colouring technique. You should go darker on the base and eventually lighter on the ends. This will give an illusion of thicker hair at the ends.

Choose your cut carefully


Layers are simply perfect for hair thinning problem because they create a sort of lift in your hair. This will give a denser appearance. Moreover it does not even make the hair look fragile.

Multidimensional colour


You can try different tones and levels of colours in your hair. This fusion of dark and light shadows will do the job. Make sure you are not using too many highlights at the roots because that will draw attention to hair thinning.





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