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How to fix broken blush or eye shadow


Whenever a blush or eye shadow breaks, it is like your heart is broken. You have to get distressed because of it. Your money spent in buying that blush will not go waste. There is a simple way which can save your blush. See the method below.You only need to things for this

Rubbing Alcohol



Spatula or Stirrer


You can do it with these simple steps

  1. First of all you should add the rubbing alcohol to your broken powder bush.

  2. You have to now make a fine paste using a stirrer or a spatula.

  3. In the pan or container to which it belongs, spread it finely like it was when it was new. Try to give it a good finish.

  4. You can use a plastic to give it plain surface.

  5. Let it sit for some time. The alcohol will automatically evaporate and powder will be left behind.




Your blush or eye shadow is ready to be used again the same way when it was new. This simple DIY is magical and you can easily save your favourite make up with this.


Thank you

Love you all



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