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How to get away with Summer Beauty problems

Summers come with its own problems and especially regarding your skin and beauty. Here are some problems that you might develop because of summer season along with their easy solutions

Frizzy Hair


You tend to get frizzy hair in this season. You can get rid of them by cooling down your hair after blow drying. You can try standing for a few minutes in front of the air conditioner.



The cruel hot season often causes redness on your skin. You can avoid this redness by going for a cold milk compress that has anti-inflammatory agents.

Irritated skin 


You might get irritated skin in this season. It might be because of using the razor. You can use baking soda or apple cider vinegar to cool down your skin. You can even go for plain cool water.

Greasy Hair


Lemon is the best solution to greasy hair. The citric acid in lemon will absorb the oil and will also keep the dirt away. Even dry shampoos are good for this problem.



The harsh sun may cause hurtful sunburns. Instead of rubbing sunscreen, just dab it on your skin for a thicker layer of protection against sun.

Makeup melt



Humidity and heat make the makeup melt away. Translucent setting powder over your foundation will be good for it. It works best on the eyelids to keep the eye shadow in place and to keep mascara smudge free.

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