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How to layer your clothes sassily

Many women might hate layering because it not easy to look stylish and trendy with layers. But it obviously not impossible! You can cosy with layers and still be gorgeous. Just see how you can make it work.

A shirt with an open cardigan


You can real hottie with this look! To flaunt your button down shirts, you can carry a cardigan with its front open. You can even couple it with a belt to accessorize a bit more and to be dressy.

Rolled sleeves with sweater



This works best with a plain or even a dull sweater. Wear a nice checked or striped shirt underneath and roll the sleeves over the sweater sleeves. Also make you collars be visible. This would work for formal wear too.

Cropped sweaters


Summers are gone but the crop top trend is here to stay. You can pair your cropped sweaters with either your shirt or with any sober but slightly longish top. It will give a very cool look.

Oversized shrugs



This is the best thing t pair with your skinny jeans. This will give a sort of balance to your clothing. Any top will go with it. Also, oversized shrugs look good with dresses too.

High socks with leggings


See, this is how you can layer your bottoms too! Going for black leggings/stocking would be great. Wear any bight coloured high socks with them, carry this with your favourite angle boots and you will look fabulous.

Keep it loose


Loose top with a loose cardigan or sweater…sounds absurd? This will be gorgeous pairing. But do wear it with skinny jeans. This will be absolutely trendy and chic.

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