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How to lighten your dark lips naturally

Every woman wants beautiful and appealing lips. Dark lips are a common problem that many women face. There are some convenient remedies to lighten your lips without using any costly products involving chemicals.

Lemon and Sugar


We all know that lemon has natural bleaching properties. You can take lemon juice and apply it directly to lips. Or you can put some sugar on the lemon slice and then rub it on the lips to exfoliate. This help to remove the dead cells covering your lips.

Rose and Honey


Making a mixture of rose water with honey and then applying on the lips will work smoothly and soothingly. You can also add milk cream to this mixture for even better results. It will give a silky smooth touch to your lips.

Olive oil and Sugar


Among the many benefits of olive oil, lip lightening is also one. You should take extra virgin olive oil and add sugar to it. Massage it gently onto your lips at least once a week.

Sugar and Butter


Making a mixture of granulated sugar with butter will act as exfoliating agent for your lips. Scrubbing it on the lips can restore the original colour of your lips in a few days.

Almond oil and Honey


A few drops of almond oil along with honey mixture can be used to keep the lips hydrated. This will give your lips a smooth feeling and will also give a natural pink colour which will look adorable.

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