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How to look skinny in Pictures

If not in reality, every woman wants to look amazingly slim in pictures. You can be skinny in your pictures and can easily flaunt them with these tricks.

Dark clothing


Wearing dark coloured clothes always help! It will not make you look huge.

Chin up


Always have your chin up and out. It will ensure that you don’t even appear having a double chin. Also, it will make your neck look elongated.

Cross your ankles


This will be good when you are wearing a dress or a skirt. Crossing ankles will help not to highlight your thighs.

Avoid low angle


If camera is positioned slightly above your eye line, it will help to get a better and slimmer picture.

Arms away from body



Putting your hands on your hips or away from your body gives an illusion of a slender body.

A natural smile


Avoid saying “cheese”! A natural smile will be much better. It will help you not to make your cheeks look chubby.

 No direct sunlight


Direct sunlight might make you squint. Also, it could make your jaw line appear a bit expanded.

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