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How to make any Lipstick matte


The latest trend is to toss the gloss out and welcome matte lips. While getting ready, you might realize that the shade that you want is available only in gloss with you. You do not have to panic or get disheartened at such times because there is a simple way with which you can turn your lipstick into matte lipstick.

First of all apply lip primer to make your lips smooth and fill up the cracks is there are any. Then you should go for a lip liner to give a perfect shape to your lips.



The next step is to apply the shade that you want to turn into matte. Apply in good amount because next thing that you have to do is to blot using a tissue. This will remove the excess lipstick and will also give an even tone to your lipstick.


Now take translucent powder and apply it to your lips gently without making your lipstick spread all over your mouth. There is an alternative way too to do this by holding tissue onto your lips and applying powder over that is large quality.


Now rub your lip gently together to make them absorb the powder and this will give you perfect matte lips. Isn’t it easy and quick!


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