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How to make Ombre Lips

A strong red lip couldn’t be more stunning, but if you want to give this classic look a modern twist, add some ombré into the mix.


Here are how I create it :


1. Camouflage your lips with a non-drying concealer to prevent feathering. “When you’re applying such intense hues, you want to prevent any movement of your lip colour, such as feathering or bleeding, “After you’ve applied cover-up all over your lips, continue by lining the outside of your natural lip line with No Bleeding Lips for extra protection against your lip colour traveling.”

2. Outline your lips in black. “Using a black eyeliner — one that’s safe to use on your mouth too — start lining your entire pout, and then fill in the outer corners only, “This will create that gradated effect once you put the pop of colour on your lips.”



3. Coat your lips in a classic red shade. Starting from the centre and blending out toward the black liner, apply your favourite red lipstick with a lip brush.  “Make sure to blend the colours with the lip brush where the edges meet to get that seamless ombré look, And you can even top it with a clear gloss to give it that patent finish.”

Now all you have to do is figure out where you’re going to flaunt this notice-me look.


 Thank you 

love you all 



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