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How to Revive Chipped Manicure


This is a problem that every woman faces at some time or the other! You are all enthusiastic when you get your manicure done. But as soon as it becomes chipped and dull, your mood also becomes low. So here are some tips or to call it Cheat sheet…to revive your chipped manicure.

Colour block effect


The spots your nails are being chipped, paint them with a different contrasting shade. But don’t be just random. Plan a bit and you can try some geometric patterns to give it a colour blocking effect.

Fading out



This would prove to be a very easy and useful technique. You can fade out your edges which are already chipped using lighter shade nail paint. You can take help of a sponge for it.

Polka dots


This is a cute idea for reviving your manicure. Including the area that is chipped and the other areas too, use a dark shade to create polka dots.

Glitter effect


Use a glitter nail paint which is chunky and give a topcoat to your chipped manicure. This will make your nails look glittery and attractive.

Dress up the tips


Tips are the most vulnerable part of your nails which get chipped. So you can simply dress up your tips using dark shade nail paint. You can also use embellishments to make it catchy.

Cuticle oil


Cuticle oil is impactful in creating an illusion of a shining and perfect manicure. This will keep your cuticles healthy and will also make your chipped manicure look perfectly new.

French on the sides




If the sides of your nail paint are chipped, you can try a French manicure on the sides. Colouring the sides will give an elegant and dignified. Try using a darker shade than the original nail paint for a better appearance.

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