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How to Style Extra Long Sleeves

Yes, Extra long Sleeves are in trends right now. This fall make change in your wardrobe as soon as possible as you can style yourself in extra long sleeves. If you are lacking ideas about how to style extra long sleeves then I am gonna tell you some fantastic s ways to style them. So get ready for this fashionable ride.

With High Waist


As far as I know, Extra Long Sleeves goes best with high waist jeans. A nice high waist denim can be styled with body fit extra long sleeves top.



Extra long sleeves knit sweaters are in trends right now. Loose sweaters with extra long sleeves can go with anything. What’s better than a mid length asymmetrical skirt?

Body Fit Hoodies



If you think that extra long sleeves is just for loose cloths, then dolls you’re totally wrong. Body fit black hoodie can give a stunning look this fall.

Formals too



Just not casual, extra long sleeves are also for formals. If you bored from your boring formal outfit then extra long sleeves can put some fun in your formal wardrobe. Style it with skirts, and all eyes will be on you.



Plain Casual Tops are best with extra long sleeves. Again skirt, with extra long sleeve top is on the streets this fall. It goes pretty decent with your sports shoes.



Similarly shirts also look nice with extra long sleeves. Again plain simple shirt with shorts looks adds a different touch in your look.



Style your extra long sleeved dress with a lite accessories and get ready for this fall. As I am saying again a high waist skirt.

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