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How to style oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters are always a cosy option for winters. But if you think that they look weird then you are mistaken and you seriously need to learn how to style these sweaters. By carrying them stylishly, you can remain snug and trendy at the same time. Here are some styling tips that will be helpful for you.

Bring on your high thigh boots


Long oversized sweaters go hand in hand with high thigh boots. This will give an element of modishness and you can stay cosy too.

Off shoulder


If your sweater is way too lose on the shoulders, and then making it off shoulder would be the best idea. You can then wear it like a sweater dress or with your jeggings.

With skinny jeans or jeggings



This is probably the most amazing style. Ankle boots will suit this look the best. You can go for skinny jeans, leather jeggings or even stocking would be nice to compliment your over sized sweater.

Be on the bright side


Winters make your clothing collection a bit dull. Don’t be boring and dull and go for bright colours. A vibrant over sized sweater would be a great option to wear with dull jeggings and jeans.

Style it with a belt


This is a nice way to carry oversized sweaters for those who want their waists to look slim. Belts would be good with front open sweaters and cardigans.

Over a shirt



This is a trend for people who are looking for a cool style. Carry your oversized sweater with a contrasting coloured shirt underneath it. It will look snazzy and trendy.

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