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How to style yourself in the rains

Monsoon is literally on your door step! You need to stay updated with the latest fashion trends for this rainy season. Look at these tips and be stylish even when it rains.

Replace your leather shoes


If you wanna save your leather shoes, just put them somewhere inside your closet and take them out only after the rains are gone. Go for a cute pair of plastic shoes.

Short bottoms


The best way save your full length bottoms in the rains is by not wearing them! Try to wear short skirts, shorts, capris etc.

Knee lengths


Knee le dresses are just perfect for this season. Otherwise your jeans or long skirts will get dirty the moment you step outside your home.

Natural fabrics


Try going for some natural fabrics like cotton or linen which can dry out quickly if you get wet in the rain.

Be bright



Bright colours will help you to keep the gloominess of the season away. You can be vibrant and cheerful. You can also go for some florescent coloured rain coats which are trendy in this season.

Best of umbrellas


A girly, bright coloured, cute patterned umbrella will be a nice accessory for rains. Carry them with you everywhere to look cool and pretty.

Transparent bags


Carrying a plastic bag will be wise choice that you can make. You can keep your belongings safe by keeping them in it while it is raining. You can pick a nice coloured bag which will look funky also.

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