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How to wear Saree with Pants

Sarre is no more a traditional wear only. Have you ever thought of wearing a saree with pants? If not…it’s time. Think now. We are giving you good reasons for trying this modern style and also the ways to wear it. Flow with the trend!

Pant/Dhoti Style Saree



Making your saree look like dhoti pant is totally classy. It is not necessary to use a pant to give a pant look. It is somewhat like Maharashtrian saree style, but in a more modish and stylish twist to it.

Half Saree Drape


Wearing saree normally might be boring…let’s try just half of it! Covering only one leg with saree plates and letting other leg remain bold with sexy pair of leggings is definitely an innovation. A bikini looks the best with such drapping style.

The Royal Look


Leggings, saree and a royal collar neck blouse…is there any other definition of sophistication and royalty. This style lets you to be modern yet traditional. Sonam, the style Diva, proves it in this picture.

It’s time to change a little, try something new with your tradition outfits.

Twisted Saree with Pants


The twist of your palla with a nice brooch will look gorgeous contrasting pants.  The twist at the shoulder will make youe ‘Saree Pant’ look more elegant. This shirt blouse is giving a new direction to the new style altogether.


Combine it Long Jackets



Dhoti style at the bottom is trendy, we all know. But adding a long jacket blouse is the look for today. A shimmery or ethnic long jacket blouse will give the touch of sophistication and dignity.

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