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if you are a lady, smoke like one

Let me tell you that I’m not in smoking category, and I’m not after telling you that smoking is really dangerous, you all must know that. In this post, I’m addressing smoking people to enjoy their bad hobbit and make others enjoy it as well.

It’s needless to say that there are too many types of smoking people most of whom wish to quit smoking; others would say it’s their only pleasure. However, when you smoke follow the etiquette of smoking.

Always consider people around you

You should know that it’s the ultimate lack of respect for another human being when you choose to light up a cigarette around non-smokers. It would be highly appreciated by non-smokers if you just take some steps away from them when you initiate your act of smoking.


Never smoke in pregnancy:

It’s not only you who is smoking in this case, you are absolutely hurting the unborn innocent child inside you. People around you will feel pity for both the mother and the child.


Avoid smoking in front of children

Little children don’t have the policy to protect themselves from the smoke; you should have the manner to let them enjoy fresh air around. It’s considered a crime to make children expose to second-hand and even third-hand smoke which are both deadly.



Passive Smoking

Ask for permission always

 Have the manner to ask for permission. While in restaurant or park or even at someone’s place, be kind to ask for permission before smoking. As a non-smoker, I appreciate smoking people who ask for permission.


Never blow out a stream of smoke at someone’s face

It’s very much annoying to blow smoke at someone’s face. In some cultures, it’s considered an insult. In others, it’s an invitation to have sex; you won’t invite people to have sex with you unintentionally. Just be careful!



If you are  lady, smoke like one.

Thank you

Love you all




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