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Jewel Toned Makeup

Jewel toned makeup is one the best things that happened in this Fall. With dark coloured coats, scarves, accessories…this makeup is quite complementing. Moreover this is something quite bold for everybody’s personality.

The Colours– The colours that you should opt for jewel toned makeup are basically sapphire blue, green, teal, purple and amethyst. You can use hints of gold make it even more beautiful.



On the eyes– You should go for coloured mascara from these jewel tones colours. You can go for the shimmery ones also. Then you can pick your eye shadow colour accordingly. You can use the same shade of mascara also if you want.

Smokey eye is also a great option for you. Smokey blue eye will be perfect for fall. And you can make it sparkly if you want.


Mix and Match- If you think and mixing these colours is bizarre then you are wrong. Even mismatching is a trend. Go according to your outfit and your choice. You don’t have to be subtle and sophisticated every time.


All at once– You can even use all the jewel tone shades at the same time on your eyes. You can use different shades on upper and lower lid, you can use deterrent shades of liner and shadow and you can do any experiment you wish with these colours.


Celebrities– Celebs are trending this look for a long time. See how confidently and stylish Jessica Alba, Lupita and Emily ratajkowski carry the jewel toned eye makeup. So you can also rock this trend in the same way.




Tip: There are no hard and fast rules regarding the colours. You can use lighter and darker shades of these colours to suit yourself.

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