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Katrina in pretty red hair, But Rs. 55 laks, shocking!

Have you seen Katrina in her new red hair which she had done for the new movie Fitoor? If you haven’t, here it is.




This look with red hair absolutely suits Katrina and this look is certainly helping in the publicity of the upcoming movie ‘Fitoor’. But the news that is surprising everybody is not only her look with this new hair colour but the price that has been paid for this colour, which is believed to be around Rs. 55 lakhs.

It is said that to get her desired shade of red colour, Katrina could not find a local professional. Therefore she hired a London based expert. Every month she travelled to London to get a new coat of this colour to maintain it. Her conveyance charges and five star accommodations for this hair colour fell so heavy on director’s pocket.

These are only rumours. Don’t know who’s telling the truth. If we believe Katrina herself, in a recent interview she stated that these rumours are completely baseless and unreasonable. It is not even possible to spend so much on a mere hair colour.

Whatever the truth is, we just know that Katrina rocked it with this new hair colour and she’s going to have a big hand in the movie’s success.



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