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Kylie Jenner colourful extensions

The bold and beautiful Kylie has always been popular regarding her style and especially her hair style. She loves to experiment with her hair which gives her fresh look each time she tries something different.

Colourful extensions seem to be her favourite. And surprisingly all the colours suit her hair and her personality. The colours which you can’t even think of going for, for your hair, look extremely rocking on Kylie. Her love for coloured extensions made her launch a new hair extension line altogether- Kylie Hair Kouture.

Let’s see some her gorgeous coloured extensions.

The sexy teal



This second one is the picture from her launch of the new hair line where everybody’s eyes were on her.

Mermaid-esque green shade


This is quite uncommon, but probably not for our diva Kylie.

Striking blue tips



Look at her swaying blue locks. Every time she knows how to come up with something new and distinctive.

Cool ice blue


This one is a bit soothing. The choice of outfit to match this hair colour is perfect.

Brownish waves


Long brown extensions! This time she chooses to stay a bit on the ordinary side by going for simply brown instead of her bright vibrant shades.

I don’t know which one your favourite is! But certainly for me, the teal is just awesome.

Thank you

Love you all



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