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Layering Necklaces is the new hot trend

This might sound weird to some people but it is actually the new trend. You randomly pick some of your favourite neck pieces and combine them for a stylish look. See how you can layer them.

The sleek ones


Pairing your sleek delicate pretty neck pieces together is a good option. You can even combine different metals.

Pearl necklaces


It will be a lively look if you pair different pearl necklaces together. It will be a larger than life look. See beautifully Kim Kardashian does it and rocks completely with this trend.

Boho Style




You can combine your necklaces in a Boho style. Remember Coechella fashion…you can also accessorize in that fashion by wearing neck pieces of various colours and styles.

Combining stones


If you are fond of colours and stones, this will be a pleasant option for you. For a casual look, you can fuse necklaces with different kinds of stones embedded in them. Blake Lively beautifully makes this combination and looks stunning.

Celebrities layer it too!




These celebrities prove that necklace layering is a rocking trend. Rihanna combines pearl necklaces which gives a most extravagant appearance. Kylie makes a striking combination and Jennifer Aniston also two necklaces of varying length to give a unique look.

You should also give it a try and be trendy!

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