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Lebanese Bride’s magnificent wedding dress

Dana Wolley Zayat is the bride who has been talked about all over the world for her mesmerizing wedding dress. She wore a dress which was custom made by the professionals of Espoa Group. She got a dress made which is especially for tailor-made for her.

This champagne coloured gown turned out to be masterpiece. The shimmer, the details, the design, the cut…everything is perfect. Nobody can find even a slight flaw in the gown. It took the designers and workers around a year to create this prepossessing outfit. The beading on the outfit took around two months. The off shoulder sleeve style made her Mouawad jewellery look even more elegant and visible.

Also the veil that she carried matched really well with her look and attire. The groom must be pretty lucky to have such a princess-like bride whom the world is praising.


Internet if full of praises for this outfit and it has become an epic. The most surprising part is that the dress has got its own hashtag #DoonieXEspoa. It was a fairy tale wedding that every woman craves for. It has become an unforgettable wedding and a memorable wedding dress.





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