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Look at the Flashy Nails of these Celebs

Celebrities take care of their nails really well. Along with fashion and makeup, their nails are always chic and nifty. Let’s see some of their fancy and dashing nail paints and nail arts.


Katy Perry will never cease to amaze us! Look at her featured nails with artistic images that are enchanting. Most of you would not have seen something like this before.

Lauren Conrad made her nails look sexy with this intricate leopard nail paint. Although it did not go very well with her outfit, the nails still look ritzy.


Unbeatable Rihana is here with her jazzy long patterned nails. The designs are literally intriguing.


Bollywood doesn’t lag behind in this trend. Alia Bhatt has these foxy gold and black nails with stripes that appear sassy.


Our lovely J.Lo keeps it simple yet classy. She rocked the red carpet with lovely accessories and these nifty nails.


Making your nails look refines doesn’t always need artistic nail art. Look at these sophisticated nails with grey nail paint.


Kareena Kapoor has always maintained her style. Her honey gold nails are literally flashy and snazzy.


Rocking Beyonce maintains her glaring charm with this shimmery golden nail paint. It complemented her golden accessories and suited her long nails.


Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley gives a modish touch to her nails, Merging copper with black, her nails look decent with her outfit.


Sexy Kim Kardashian chooses simple and elegant French manicure this time. Her nails appear really dignified and she appears captivating as usual.





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