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Look at these Cool Celebrity Tattoos

Celebs love to stay cool and trendy. Tattoos help them to look unique and stylish. Hee are some celebs who have exquisite tattoos.


Angelina flaunts her sexy tattoo at the back. “Know your Rights” it says. When she wears backless, all the eyes are on her beautiful tattoo.


These flying birds at Dakota Johnson back is amazing. Just like her tattoo, she is rising in Hollywood with flying colours.


Evan Rachel Wood has the most beautiful tattoo. “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”. This curved quotes is adding to her alluring back.


Megan Fox has chosen the perfect body part to get a tattoo. “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”, quote by Shakespeare appears totally sensuous.

British actress Lily Collins arrives for the premiere of 'Love, Rosie / #Scrivimi Ancora ', at the 9th annual Rome Film Festival, in Rome, Italy, 19 October 2014. The festival runs from 16 to 25 October.  ANSA/Stringer

Lily Collins seems completely engrossed in love. “Love always and Forever”, says her tattoo. Pretty Lily’s tattoo is inviting!


Fairuza Balk”s Tattoo says FREEDOM. On her right arm, this tattoo is looking cool as well as funky. This is giving her a jazzy appearance. And she carries it really well.


Seductive Victoria Beckham’s tattoo is in Hebrew and is a tribute to her husband. This neck tattoo looks luscious and appealing.


Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire tattoo wraps her left arm. She is in the process of getting it removed now. It seems she is bored of it now.

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