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Macaron Hair Color Trend


Styling your hair in rainbow colors is a the latest trend. You can easily stand out of the crowd with this lively and colourful personality. It is absolutely delightful and for some it might be the craziest thing taht they have ever done. It certainly needs courage to do it but once it is done, you are gonna love it for sure!


It is like a magical effect and you will instantly turn into the centre of attraction among the crowd. You can choose the darker or lighter shades depending upon your choice.



To create this look,

the locks of hair are to be hand painted/colored in different hues of pastel colours in layers and segments. Choose the colors carefully, colors which blend with each other beautifully. You can also add glitter if you want to be peppy and bold. Shimmery colorful hair will cheer your soul right away.


Braiding is the best style for your hair in the macaron colors. Braiding will make different colors pop out. This can actually be your dream hair style, all you need is to go crazy and try it once!


Go crazy, go colourful, go rainbow!

Thank You

Love you all



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