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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Eye Cream

Hi Dolls

Today I am going to review my Charlotte Tilbury products with details and prices .

Let’s get started:

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Eye Cream ($60) is one of my holy grail eye creams. I absolutely love it.

A few weeks ago I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue.




Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue is sadly not going to change your finer lines anytime soon since the jar packaging will render it useless quite quickly. It will, however, provide plenty of moisture under your eyes so your finer lines will look less visible and better. Because, hey, we all know that dryness is the biggest contributing factor to finer lines looking worst than they actually are!


Apparently, this contains Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract, Second Skin Red Algae Marigel, and a host of other botanicals along with soy and yeast peptides. According to the brand, it’ll treat finer lines as well as dark circles and puffiness while firming and smoothing the skin under your eyes as well as stimulating collagen. I’ve been using it a few months now and here is what I did notice when using it daily and nightly for that time. I do believe I have seen a big difference under my eyes for sure. Not only do my finer lines look less visible but I also feel like the skin under my eyes is retaining moisture for a good deal longer (thus my finer lines aren’t as prominent as they once were).


This formula is highly moisturizing and it retains moisture very, very well. I wouldn’t say it dealt well with puffiness or even dark circles but it did a great job providing intense moisture to my dry under eyes and for that alone, it is worth picking up.

This is a rich creamy, balm-y like texture that absorbs easily under eyes. It does have a rose fragrance which might present a problem for sensitive users so keep that in mind prior to a purchase. I admit to being a little too overly generous with the application but a little does go a very long way. It wears very well under concealer and makeup especially if you have issues with your concealer creasing or caking. This will allow a smoother, easier glide during concealer application.

I just can’t express how incredibly moisturizing this formula is. As someone who has been endlessly searching for a super hydrating eye cream, I can safely say outside of my beloved Hydroshield, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue is one of the most hydrating formulas you’ll find on the market today.

It contains a lot of different ingredients including Winter Daphne Stem Cells Extract: for a firmer feeling skin. This also helps the skin to look more ‘alive’ because it boosts micro-circulation.

Retinol Molecules: It, of course, includes retinol molecules, which are known to boost the rejuvenation process of skin cells whilst increasing collagen content = more radiant and younger looking skin.

More ingredients? Yes, more. Next, up, Red Algae Marigel to make your skin super soft (it’s full of calcium and magnesium, which builds a strengthening and protective barrier).

Frangipani: To soothe and purify (I have quite a lot of Elemis products with this ingredient in, I love it).

Bionymph Peptide: This increases collagen and fiber levels, fights free radicals and stimulates cell energy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as improving skin elasticity and generally smoothing things over.


There are so many other ingredients inside (8 in total, because apparently Charlotte is inspired by numerology and in Chinese prophecy, 8 is one of the most positive numbers which is a sign of eternity and prosperity.) Basically, this little pot of magic is rammed full of ingredients which really should give you the best skin yet.

There are no miracles to be had here but there is plenty of moisture. If you have drier eyes I have a feeling you’ll adore Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue. I can’t recommend it enough for that reason alone.

You can buy this product from her site :

Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

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