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How to make wearing heels comfy

Heels not only make you look tall but also add an element of elegance as well as sensuousness to your personality. Sometimes it becomes uncomfortable to wear heels for a long time. Here are some tips to stay totally comfy in your high heels.



Have you heard about this cotton skin? This is quite for us, ladies! This super soft skin-like things sticks to your feet and prevent blisters.

Go for heels with straps


The heels with ties or straps provide extra support you your delicate feet. These are beneficial if you are wearing heels for a long time. So stay comfy for as many hours as you want.

 Stretch them a bit


Experts recommend that you should go for half-a-size up than your usual one in case of heels. If you have an exactly fitted or a tight one, go for its stretching. You can go to a cobbler or use a shoe stretcher.


Gel Insoles


These prevent your feet from being crushed in heels hence prevent blisters. These will keep pressure off your feet. They will be just like a cushion in your shoe!

Go for leather soles


Leather is really helpful in keeping your feet totally comfortable and painless. It allows your feet to move.

Walk differently


While walking in heels, you need to use your core muscles and stand straight. You gotta use your hips and legs to propel yourself forward. You can avoid pain this way easily!

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