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Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Eye Foils Pure Platinum

Hi Dolls

I love how we have some cosmetic companies who create awesome and affordable products as not all of us can splurge on high-end ones. People have been raving about these Metal Foils by Makeup Revolution being dupe for Stila’s. Let’s see how good the Metal Eye Foils are.

Create the most awesome metallic foil finish eye look with Awesome Metals Eye Foils. Includes a liquid primer, mixing tray and the intense pigments – simply add a touch of the primer to the tray, add some powder, mix and then apply for a long lasting shiny and buildable dramatic eye look!


Overall Experience:
I haven’t tried Stila one but from what I read, people are regretting on buying that Stila one for a price tag of over $33, if I am not wrong. MUR has more primer, smooth shadow and is for a lot less.


Texture: I am finding it a little difficult to describe its texture. It’s not creamy not matteit’s kind of like foil? I don’t know. I really like its finishing, it  is  not sparkly but shiny and feels very smooth when you touch it. Its very high pigmentation gives really great metallic finishing. I have been looking for this kind of finishing for quite some time and I am glad that I finally found it. It does not feel dry or hard on the eyes and is very easy to remove with your regular makeup remover.

The product will not fall out on its own but you need to take care of that finger you used to apply the product or else it will work like magic and will turn everything shimmery ;).

Packaging- It comes in a beautiful small silver box. A liquid eye primer and a mixing tray is included in the package. Primer is water consistency and mixes really well with the eye shadow.







This one is not your ‘rub your brush in and put on’ eye shadow. You have to put in little efforts before you can enjoy its beautiful effect. Your hint lies in the packaging, they have given you a mixing tray and that can’t be easy right? It is not difficult either but it will take two or three practice sessions to get used to it. Took me three :). The primer acts like a binding and fixing agent. I tried to apply the product directly but it was a little patchy on my eyes  so I guess primer is kind of essential for the right results.

How to use:

Step 1- Take a drop of the primer in the mixing tray.

Step 2- Pick up some (less than a pinch) eye shadow on your finger tip and mix it well with the primer.

Step 3- Apply on your eye lids in dabbing or gliding motion.

Do not touch your eye lids once you feel that eye shadow has set in because the product will stick back to your finger. I know it sounds a little complicated but trust me it really isn’t.


High pigmentation


Price (original price of 4 pounds)

5 beautiful color option

Easy to remove

IMG_2555 IMG_2556


Thank you 

Love you all




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