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Maybelline Colossal Kajal (Review)

I had heard a lot about this kajal. So, out of curiosity, I bought this nicely packed Maybelline kajal (12 H) a few weeks ago. The packing says that kajal is smudge proof and lasts very long. But the same did not actually happen. After almost an hour the kajal smudged if applied on the water line. And after some time it just vanished. It is like a twist- up pencil, so there is no need of sharpening. In that sense it is easy to use.

The kajal is quite reasonable in price and also smooth in application. If applied on the eyelid, it lasts long.



So I have some complaints regarding the smudging only. Texture is creamy and it is also incredibly dark. The length of the kajal stick is also sufficient.




Thank you

Love you all



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