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Mermaid crown has officially replaced flower crowns

The fashion world has been obsessed with floral crowns for a long time. Here is the time for some change. Mermaid crown has taken over all other accessory trends has become the latest summer trend.

The beautiful sea shells have taken the place of wilted flowers. The most beautiful of sea shells and amazingly soothing colours are used in these crowns. Sparkles, shells, glitters and charms are the essence of these crowns.


These shells are often collected at the beaches and then polished to enhance their beauty. The shells which are many times crushed to be added to concrete are given a new life in a more beautiful way.

Instagram is literally flooded with stylish pictures of women wearing these wonderful crowns. Going all white is the most mesmerizing of these crowns. When only pure white shells are used, it gives a perfect mermaid essence.

This might be a practical option for casual wear like floral crowns but for those who want to be unique and out of the crowd, this seems to be the perfect choice. Moreover you gotta change with the changing trends.

You see some light to heavy mermaid crowns here and see yourself if you want to buy one!

When it is All White



With some colours and textures


The absolutely upright


The casual wear ones


Like a queen mermaid


Larger than life


Thank you

Love you all





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