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Metallic for your eyes

To look your best, you need to focus on your face also along with outfit. Your eyes play an important role in defining your personality. You need to decide carefully what look you want for your eyes. Staying updated with latest makeup trends is the best you can do.

These days metallic look and colours are absolutely voguish. Your eyes will be actually mesmerizing and attractive with a metallic touch.


A touch of silver and white will be very sober and decent. If you don’t to be very loud and bold with your eyes, this is the colour shade for you.


Gold is evergreen! This is not only with jewellery, but in case of eye shadow too. For any party and any outfit, golden is just amazing.


Be bold and dark with your eyes. Dark metallic shades are best for party season. Bluish and blackish shades go really well with dark coloured outfits and a bold look.


You can easily give a sober yet dark touch to your beautiful eyes with a grey shade of eyeshadow.


Go peppy with a bluish silver eyeshadow! You can be really jazzy for any party with such eyes.


Metallic eyes are really popular among celebs too. Look at the sober eye makeup of Jennifer Lawrence! Sober shade of metallic brown will be really attractive.

So stay up to minute and go for metallic look for your eyes!

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