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Micro Bangs hair trend


Also called ‘micro fringes’ and ‘baby bangs’ are all over the fashion industry. It gives a trendy and chic look which will make you look much younger than your age. No matter your hair is short, long, curly, wavy or straight…you just need to the confidence to carry this style. But there are certain that you should keep in mind before getting this hair style.

First thing that should be considered that you can never tie them. Even if your get irritated, you won’t be able to clip them up due to extremely short length, not even when you go to sleep. Next thing is that it would be easier for these women with slick and straight hair to manage these baby fringes. Women with textured hair will have to put in more efforts to manage these micro bangs.

With straight hair


With wavy hair



With short hair


So do give a serious thought before getting this cut. Also you should take into consideration that these bangs need a good drying up to keep them stylish after you take a bath. You should decide beforehand which type of bangs you want- blunt or choppy.

Celebrities are also adopting this style nowadays. Many celebs have been spotted with this hair style and mind you, they look absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

Rooney Mara


Christina Aguilera




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