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I’m a big fan of natural looking make-up. In fact, one of my biggest fears in life is going out in public with cakey looking coverage. So of course mineral powder and I are best friends. There’s nothing that even comes close to the natural, glowing complexion this miraculous powder gives me. It has so many different uses, that I often find myself reaching for it no matter what kind of look I’m trying to achieve. If mineral powder isn’t a staple in your make-up bag, here are four big reasons why it should be.




Mineral makeup : is best used on normal to oily skin; its powdery finish soaks up excess oil and eliminates shine. For those with dry skin, mineral powder can exacerbate flakiness, so liquid-based foundation is best for adding much-needed moisture to your skin.

MINERAL POWDER USE #1 – Foundation

Mineral powder, like Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder, is perfect for achieving a great base that still looks natural, as it mimics the skin’s tone and texture, so that your skin is perfected, not just covered. It’s very buildable so imperfections can be diminished; yet the finish is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for those who prefer a natural feel and look. Key vitamins, minerals and nutrients in this powder also help to keep your skin hydrated and balanced, while increasing natural radiance.




MINERAL POWDER USE #2- Translucent powder

Setting your base foundation with a translucent powder is essential if you want to maintain your coverage over time. Mineral powder acts as the perfect finish over liquid foundation and concealer, with the lightweight, blendable texture making it ideal for quick touch ups. Not only does it set your base foundation, but mineral powders like Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder also contain a blend of ingredients such as green tea, vitamin B3 and C, calcium, potassium, zinc and copper, to help maintain your natural glow and perfect your skin tone.


Contouring is great for enhancing facial features like cheekbones and brow lines. The trick to natural looking contouring is to use a product that is a shade slightly darker than your skin tone, but that blends easily. Mineral powder is ideal for this as the texture blends so brilliantly with the rest of your make-up, achieving definition without the heavy feel of an added layer or cakey finish. Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder comes in five different shades, so once you’ve found the shade to perfectly match you skin tone, go one shade darker to achieve the perfect contour colour.

MINERAL POWDER USE #4- Shine Control

If you tend to have oily or shiny looking skin, mineral powder is great for mattifying your complexion for a smooth, natural looking finish. The powder helps to balance out the skin, without drying or clogging pores

 (mineral powder is non-comodogenic, meaning that it won’t cause other common problems for oily skin,

like acne, blackheads or congestion.)

The lightweight powder is also perfect for those who suffer from pesky pimples as it will provide natural looking coverage that allows the skin to breathe and won’t cause further breakouts.

Did you know that mineral powder had so many different uses? Have you ever tried mineral powder? What do you like to use it for?



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