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My Signature Makeup Look

Hi dolls

Today I am going to show you my signature everyday look and almost my fav one…. why it’s my favorite? because its soft and enhance my soft features.

As you know guys I love makeup and I can’t live without it. but at the same time I can’t wear that much makeup everyday and I prefer the natural enhancing type of makeup and I think its smartness when you know how to enhance your feature and hide your deformity , and i think i am smart enough .LOL

Here I used all warm natural tones, like dark brown in the crease and soft brown inside the eye with a very light nude color and some time a white color on my lid. As you can see I didn’t wear false lashes as I do every time, whether my preference is to wear them , but recently I have been working with many dramatic looks on my blog and ill link them down below do check them out.

I felt a lot of lashes glue is destroyed my own beautiful lashes, That’s why I have kept it simple and I used my fav Mascara from “Charlotte Tilbury “ the legendary mascara”. And I think it doses the work somehow then for the most fun and important part is the nude liner inside my water line to give my eyes bigger look.

 I hope you like it:






Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

Thank you

Love you all



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