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Myriam Fares gorgeous hairstyles and make-up

Myriam Fares, the Lebanese singer and entertainer appears in quite different looks . Her out-of-the-box looks can make anybody a fan of hers. We are here with some of her dazzling looks that will leave you awe-struck.


Hot Pink lips, sexy! Intense eyes with blue kajal, foxy! Bob cut hair style, Gorgeous! Her experiments with her looks especially her hair seems to succeed quite often.


Her naturally curly perfectly suit her face cut. Copper eye shadow and lovely accessories give her a trendy look.


The queenly attire! From hair to make-up, everything is just flawless. This dark lipstick shade and winged liner is adding to her beauty.


Unique look for a change! The big fluffy bun looks exquisite. She knows how to style herself with the changing trends.


A more natural look. Light make up and her natural curls look decent. The eye make-up is just right and looks amazing.


Heavy make-up and intense look it is! The silver and black detailed eye make-up with pink lipstick goes will with her glimmering outfit.


Looking 5 years less than her actual age. The huge puff with straight hair is making her look innocent as well as dazzling. Her orange lipstick is the highlight of this look.


With this flowing curly hair and a floral crown, she looks princessly just like Cinderella. The just-perfect make-up is adding to her charm.


Teal is the colour for her. This glossy and sequined teal colour dress with teal eye shadow is mesmerizing. The hairdo is commendable along with it.


Dazzling diva in black! From top to toe nobody can find a flaw. Her stylist is praise worthy and so is her fashion sense. She carries every look with confidence and swag.

We are looking forward to your more amazing looks and styles!

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