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Hi guys,

I don’t know if you know this but I am a huge Nikki Tutorials fan and when I saw her using the Nivea Post Shave Balm (200 Rupees ) as a primer I was taken aback but knew I had to buy it. I couldn’t believe that such a product would be used like this as it’s a product for men. But think about it, why wouldn’t it work? It contains Chamomile and Vitamin E which helps to sooth irritated skin, calm down redness and help with dry skin. It also has 0% alcohol so it’s perfect for us sensitive folk.





First things first, it’s the cheapest primer I have ever bought that wasn’t actually a primer, I think I paid 150 Rupees  for this as Superdrug were having a sale on certain products but more importantly, it bloody well works! The smell is a little weird at first, but I love men’s products as they smell amazing but once this is worked into the skin, the smells disappears. The product is not as thick as I thought it would be, it does run ever so slightly but its manageable, it’s not like Mac Face and Body (the only ridiculously watery product I could think of) which literally runs off the back of my hand. It’s just a little more lighter than my holy grail Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer (2954 Rupees ) which is actually very light. Once it’s worked in, it goes a little tacky, which I like, it instantly smoothes my skin and makes my foundation glide on like liquid velvet. I also found my make up to last that little bit longer than normal and I also didn’t get as oily as I usually do, I don’t know why because it’s not meant to control oil but I loved that aspect of it.




To say this is a great primer is an understatement! I love how easy it is to use, how well it makes my foundation look and also the fact that I haven’t had any breakouts whilst trying this out. As per usual, as soon as I bought it, I noticed I had already had little samples of this in my bathroom cupboard that Liam forgot to use ha! I love this product as a primer and I think it will be a firm favourite of mine from now on.



Thank you 

love you all 




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