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Olive Oil! You should take it quite often

While travelling in the world of literature, you must have come across the reference of olive as a symbol of peace. No wonders science had discovered that taking olive in your daily life will bring you peace of mind. This is not what fiction says, but rather it is the latest studies and here we are trying to give you the best benefits of olive and of course olive oil.

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  • Taking a small amount of olive oil daily reduces the risk of heart disease by helping create a healthier balance of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

  • It slows degeneration of the joints due to its being a healthy fat.

  • Drinking a small amount of olive oil can aid in curing a hangover.

  • Eating olives helps with constipation.

  • You can rub a little olive oil on to your scalp to improve dandruff, and dry scalps.

  • Use the oil topically on eczema and psoriasis reduces itching and encourageshealing. It is chock full of vitamin E making it great for the skin.

  • Olives and olive oil are both antioxidants so they can be used to prevent cancer and a plethora of other cellular diseases.

  • Olive oil is fantastic at reducing the secretion of gastric juices so can help in many stomach disorders.


Most people avoid olive oil because it is dense and high in calories. It is a common misconception that olive oil causes weight gain. In fact, studies have shown that olive oil may help in weight loss. Olive oil keeps you full for a longer time and therefore reduces hunger pangs. It also reduces sugar cravings in people.


One important study in France showed that olive oil is very much helpful in improving cognition. They showed that visual memory and language fluency tremendously improved in older adults who used olive oil intensively (not just in cooking but also in sauces and dressings). Olive oil also helps to improve the condition of people having brain-related disorders.

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