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Packs for Reducing Sagging Neck Skin

Neck is an important part of our body. We always want a beautiful neck which complements our over all facial features. Because of aging and many other reasons, we face the problem of sagging neck. Sagging neck can make you look older than you are and that’s not we want. Don’t worry!!! Our kitchen and the Mother Nature have solution for all our problems. Here are some homemade packs for reducing sagging neck skin:

Pack 1- Egg and Yogurt Pack

You just need two ingredients for this pack

Egg White




Beat an egg white into a fine mixture and then add a teaspoon of plain yogurt to it. Apply it to your neck area and rinse it off after 30 minutes.

Pack 2- Mayonnaise Pack

For this pack you need

Mayonnaise- 1 tablespoon


Honey- 1 tablespoon


Aloe vera gel- 1 tablespoon


Mix all these together to make the pack and apply on the neck. Wash it off using lukewarm water after at least 15 minutes.

Pack 3- Honey Pack

For making this pack you need

Honey- 3 tablespoon


Lemon juice- 1 tablespoon


Combine the two ingredients and apply on the neck. Let it dry for some time. Then wash it using warm water.

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