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Plastic Surgery Disasters by these Celebrities

Some popular celebrities sometimes experiment with these looks permanently. We have seen many plastic surgery failures with celebs. Here are few of them which will make you think if they have a piece of mind or not.


Gorgeous Nicole Kidman…didn’t you use your mind before committing such a big mistake? She got overboard with Botox and fillers. You looked much prettier before this disastrous surgery. She was totally an enchantress earlier. This puffy face with swelling like look is disastrous.


Darling Anushka you looked much better before this unfortunate mishap! Who suggested you this under nose and lip job. You look more like a duck now.


Angelina Jolie was already pretty hot. She underwent series of surgeries. The procedures are including a nose job (Rhinoplasty), boob job (breast implants), facelift, Botox or other fillers injection.


OMG Pamela Anderson! You look scary now. The nose surgery is still fine but the lips surgery is the worst. She denies the the lip surgery but lip pout surgery seems quite obvious. Her Botox injections are believed to be the reason for her glowing face.


God knows why these celebs are so obsessed with ruining their natural beauty especially their lips. Rhinoplasty, dentistry and the nose job have transformed her looks a lot. Had she not opted for a surgery, she would have remained naturally beautiful.


Tara Reid, was the surgeon actually blind or you did not pay him well? You must have killed the doctor after he did this to you. Along with rippled skin of breasts and stomach, even the nose job is horrible.


Meg Ryan lost her charm after the catastrophic surgeries! Lips injected with fillers, brow lit, possible neck and forehead lift and also cheek fillers or implants. You should have thought thrice before all this!

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