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Pom Pom Nail Art: Cute and Crazy

You must have heard about beanies with pom poms, but your finger tips with cute pom poms! It might sound strange but it is the trend for real. This is something totally new and amazing. It is total girly girl thing. Here are some ideas for trying out this nail art.

Clustering tiny pom poms


This is really simple and cute. You can apply any shade with any pattern on nails and then around your cuticle area, just make a cluster of tiny pom poms and stick them there.

In a row


Go for any colour of your choice and stick some tiny pom poms in a row vertically. Go for some darker shade if you are sticking light shade pom poms.

Stay sober



Going for lighter shades of both nail paint and pom poms is something that can give a classier look to your nails. Nude or baby pink shade will be the best!

Go colourful and lively


You can add life to your nails be choosing vibrant coloured pom poms on all the nails. Even colourful nail polish will look good.

Be cute and improvise


You can be innovative with your nails. Just create your own designs using pom poms. Your nails can be really attractive and can make many other women jealous!

Thank you 

Love you all



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