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Preppy pleat for clothing

Pleats are no more restricted to the schoolgirl uniform. Pleat trend is completely over the fashion world. It has suddenly become the high fashion. Pleats and micro pleats have taken over the trend for fall as well as spring. If you are not aware of it, you gotta check these outfits out to increase your fashion awareness.

Symmetrically pleated


Symmetrical pleats look literally classy. May it be a skirt or dress, it will appear dignified.

Pleated leather skirt


For winters, a leather pleated outfit or skirt would be awesome! Look at how beautifully Lauren Conrad pulls it off.

Micro-pleated skirts



Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

Micro pleated skirts are something which are absolutely girly! These will help you look cute and feminine along with style. Choose the colour that suits you best and be ready for an unmatchable appearance.

Pretty dresses with pleats



You will definitely look like a doll! Pleated dresses help you look fashionable and the good part is that even if you are a little chubby, it will hide your bulges beautifully and you will look gorgeous.

Style like celebrity


The pleat trend seems popular among celebs too! Emma Stone looks prepossessing in this pleated outfit. Anybody can be inspired to adopt this trend and look fabulous like her.

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