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Pulling off a metallic lipstick

Metal lips are absolutely the thing for summer! Metallic lipsticks are everywhere…on runways, in parties, makeup stores etc. You can easily get a bold and intimidating look with your metallic lips in different shades.

A number of brands are offering wide range of metallic shades which you can try.

Metallic blue


For the ladies who want to try a bold yet foxy look, metallic blue is the perfect lipstick choice for them. It is the shade that suits dark skin tones very well.

Intimidating silver


This is the most noticeable shade these days. You can choose from the many tones of silver in the metallic shades. These are the perfect party lips.

Casual metallic shades





From lightest shade of pink to darkest plum…all shades are nowadays available in metallic touch. You can choose the shade depending upon your skin tone and the occasion. The metallic essence adds an element of glamour and gives a sparkling impact to your over all makeup.

Kylie Jenner



Kylie’s Metal Matte Lipsticks have hit the makeup world with a bang. These are probably the best metallic lipsticks nowadays. Her range of metallic lipstick is endorsed by herself a lot on Instagram with her pictures in these shades of lipsticks which look fabulous.

Pulling it off like a celebrity


Many celebrities are going for metallic lipsticks. Zendaya, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are the ones who can never be beaten in the field of latest trends. Both of them have been spotted with metallic lipsticks. Kylie boldly pulls off a black metallic lipstick.

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